Not Worth The Waiting

by Castaway

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released October 8, 2013

Drums, Bass and Vocals recorded by Adam Lealos at Avenue Recording Studio in Saskatoon April 2013
Guitars recorded by Kris Booth September 2013
Mixing/Mastering by Kris Booth September 2013
Songs written by Castaway
Lyrics written by Castaway



all rights reserved


Castaway Saskatoon, Saskatchewan




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Track Name: Cujo
are you caught up in who you're saving?
i hope i'm not worth the waiting
you can't blame me
i'm not worth the saving
are you caught up in what i'm doing?
sit back, i'm used to losing
you can't blame me
i'm not worth the saving
i'm not worth the saving
Track Name: Just Like We Always Do
stop pretending like you give a damn about me
life rolls on without me
cause caring is such a hard thing
hard to wrap your head around
but if you just put the gun in your mouth it might stop those sounds
and i'm a storm of weak thoughts and sad beliefs
and when you put words in my mouth
i'd do anything to spit them out
white walls covered in memories
like when i asked the dead horse to leave
he would have loved himself so much more
but the world closed all it's doors
Track Name: Mom's Bro
whats left to say?
its been five whole years since i felt this way
and when you left my parents
everything was sad again
and all the friends i miss
i give less and less
but don't remember me
i'm not trying to sound mean
i tend to forget everything
and when i'm buried six feet under
in that park we spent our whole damn summer
hold it all against me
i'll be all alone without the dreaming