Space To Run

by Castaway

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released July 15, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Craig Boychuk at Private Ear Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba / April 2014
Mastered by Audiosiege
Cover Art by Jordan Puetz
Songs by Castaway
Lyrics by Jesse Holmes



all rights reserved


Castaway Saskatoon, Saskatchewan




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Track Name: Everyone Deserves To Be Here More Than Me
you give up your time to think, closed doors won't change a thing
you can't erase the colours in your head so you can forget everything he did
say the things that keep me up all night,
like how you hate everything of mine
and i don't count the nights that pass us by
its nice to be heard from time to time
when do i wake up?
Track Name: Drive with a Dead Girl
i wish i could know why mountains would make you feel more at home
trying to cut us out, it only takes those words to figure you out
you spoiled it all, i waited all night for you to call
you sit behind those lines and the drugs you "hate" never leave your mind
you're so hard to see through, or just more than i'm used to
you see what i can't in myself and thats how my last year felt
Track Name: Ginger Ale
its always raining every time i get out of bed.
and my head, i've never put it on the line like that. i'm a hypocrite, i'm nothing.
since last september i've only talked about myself.
i've worn me out.
every time you call me, i'm hiding behind my door
because i know you don't love me anymore
Track Name: Rest In Place
i've never felt so faceless, and you still have to face this.
i hope you're happy with the smoke because its never left my home.
you're so thin, its poisoned your skin,
and i can feel you in my stomach. i can feel you sinking in.
as my body begins to slow, i have never felt this cold.
as my heart it learns to cope, you'll be the only one who knows.
i can feel you sinking in
Track Name: Dauphin
you know whats sick? how you found a reason to leave so quick.
you didn't stay late last night and i know that you're leaving.
i spent the rest of the summer trying to put my life back together,
but now its winter and i realize i missed out on the fall.
we barely made it dauphin that night and it felt that way every time.
and i know you don't miss it as we roll through the seasons.
you woke up from the light that snuck through my shades in the morning.
i don't feel any older and this drive won't get any shorter.
one thing i know is, i'm way too tired for the afternoon.
we barely made it to dauphin that night and it felt that way every time.
every time
Track Name: Tatler North
the last of august spent at the park
night would hide us, you smile in the dark
so you saw something, i was at my worst
call me in the morning, i don't mind if i'm not first
reach for each other, used the space to run
kissed by the water, we ran from the sun